Monday, January 19, 2009

Work, work, work

I know you've been missing me. I've been missing you too - blog of mine.

Anyway, it's been a super busy period with super big things to get done. For instance, I wrote a Dynamics NAV text fob parser in order to create a versioning documentation against two databases. It's been both a pain and a pleasure. I had a few "eureka!" moments worth all the stress I went through in order to deliver the tool in a timely manner. I also managed to understand parsing / compiler theory a bit more. You never stop learning.

I also took the opportunity to brush up my design patterns knowledge. I've been messing with MVC and today I've been reading up about MVP - the former being model-view-controller and the latter model-view-presenter. Curious? I'll post a pretty scheme I made tomorrow. It's pretty, I swear. Edit: and here it is:

I learned some new tricks in these months, and I got to the point where you have to actually sit down and try to make everything snap in place.

  • MVP? World editor. Absolutely.
  • Object persistence? Game server. Finally I realized the true form of the Entity System (more on this later).
  • System.Threading? Do more with less. Locality of data - as few shared states as possible, lockless when you can, otherwise don't bother.
  • System.AddIn? Useless, use the MEF and do yourself a favour; however, you learned that proxies and abstractions are a good thing to decouple the contract from the implementation - and if you're smart (like the System.AddIn guys) you have a version tolerant framework without even breaking a sweat. And here comes a platform-independent engine API...!

Thanks for reading.

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