Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shameless plug here

Aloha to everyone reading this blog (hi granma!), I'm now back from holidays and ready for a quick recap about my latest endeavours (whoa).

As if the Entity System weren't enough to keep me entertained and make my fellow team mates doubt about my commitment, I've restarted the long-forgotten UI project. This time it's been redesigned the good way. The good thing of the stuff I'm writing lately is that is it 3d engine-independant, I'm just providing managed Truevision3D implementations since this is what we're using at the moment.

The UI includes / will include the following features:
  • Full scripting support
  • Multiple views (UI on meshes and on screen, for instance)
  • Markup compiler (a la WoW interface)
  • Event driven design (in combo with the Input Manager contained in the Rainweaver.Core library)
  • Layout Customization, allowing your artists to do their job and snap pieces together
I meant to add Add-on support by default but it's very implementation specific and I'm not sure everyone would use it. It'll be very easy to plug stuff into the interface, though.

I decided to restart the interface project since it's the best environment where to test my libraries (engine, input, scripting, console, data structures etc...).

Stay tuned-zorz.

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