Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Entity System and Lua

Lately the Entity System code has been getting more and more complex, to the point that I had to read what I was writing very carefully (and sometimes reading aloud too... go figure).
I have some news about it... about time!

The good news is that it is almost complete! It's a joyful day for me. Object pooling, message dispatching... stuff that works! I still have to finish adding and removing components dynamically (right now we just get the components we defined per entity in an NTL file).

The bad news is that Lua hates me, and it's giving me all kind of exceptions. I think I know what's going on and the relative fix, but if said fix did not work, I'd be in serious troubles. Basically, Lua needs to know what types you're working with, otherwise it would just sit and cry pitifully, making you feel guilty for such carelessness. And it makes sense, of course. LuaInterface is a mysterious world, I still have to figure out thoroughly how the .NET bridging works - luckily the source code is freely available.

At some point of yesterday evening, while bashing my head on the desk for the umpteenth exception, I even felt like writing a Lua compiler / interpreter from scratch in order to get rid of problems when interfacing with the CLR. Sadly, it's a task beyond my available time and most likely experience as well. It would be a great challenge, though.

I still haven't performed any performance tests, but I know in advance I will have to make sure a) the object pool isn't raping the heap b) entity creation is quick and painless, and so is its disposal.

I know it's all a bit vague, but I'll be sure to release the NTL environment as soon as I have something worth attention.

Have a good and productive .NET day! (...rolololflol.)

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